Cameron Bryers - Web Developer


Twelve Balmoral Walk

Twelve Balmoral Walk is a mini showcase created using NextJS and DatoCMS at Haunt Digital. I was the backend project lead on this example. The project is divided into two separate applications, the first one being the standard web application that the user interacts. The second was a lambda function that was used to store and notify admins of form submissions.

The client for this was very security conscious, because of this it was decided to take a security heavy approach. As a result of this, the website complied with all of the major web security practices of the time, including CSP, XSS protection, CORS protection etc. We would go on to really perfect these practices in the projects after this.

From a coding standpoint this project turned out very nice and clean, because of this we decided to turn it into a reusable boilerplate so that we could spin up nice and secure NextJS sites with our imprint on them.

Skills Used

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